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All of the material on the site is free to download for personal use in your own home, or to look at with a view to using it in your church. Most of the material was designed for use in a worship setting, and it is to make it available for worship that this site exists. However, we do believe, in the words of Jesus (Luke ch10) that 'a labourer is worthy of his hire'. When a book of songs or sketches is purchased, it is the work, not the paper, you are buying. The fact that this material is made available digitally, on a 'trust' basis does not mean that the author has no right to charge for their services. Mostly this will take the form of a small fee for copying the work, or projecting the words in church. In many ways the idea is similar to the concept of computer software distributed as 'shareware'.

Some material is made freely available in all situations (though in every case the author retains the copyright), and some of the musical material is covered by the CCL licences which many churches have, so all that is required is to report the music in the normal way. In the remaining cases we have tried to make the payment process as painless as possible, either by PayPal, or old-fasioned post.

We do hope that you will respect the wishes of the authors, and that this will not discourage you from making full use if the site. Go ahead - use it, just come back and pay the (usually quite small) fee afterwards.