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The deal as far as authors are concerned is that twofish provides you with a way to make your material available to a wider audience, and if you wish, receive payment when your material is used in public. We don't currently make any charge for authors using the site, though it's possible we may have to one day to offset storage and bandwidth charges.We'd obviously let you know in good time if that happened.

In order to ensure a good experience for people searching the site, we ask that you provide your material in the form of the set of files described below. We realise that a certain amount of effort may be involved in this, but we think you'll agree it's worth it.

Here's what we need:

  1. The text of the sketch in .rtf format, with the title as a heading.
  2. The credits as you wish them to appear. As part of the submissions process we ask you to confirm that you hold the copyright to the material.
  3. A word or two to descibe the subject of the sketch.
  4. We'll need your email address, and some other contact details.
  5. You'll need to decide if you want payment for public use of your material, and if so, how you wish to collect that. To save confusion, we're limiting your options to the post, or PayPal. For the latter you'll need to set up an account, but it's not hard and is free.

You can also offer the following, as an option:

  1. A brief note, for example 'great for all age services' or 'you really need to learn the words for this one'.
  2. A bible reference. This can help people find your sketch as they're preparing an act of worship.

When you've got all that sorted, head off to our Add Your Drama section.